Old T-shirt into New Ribbon Halter

So I have these big fat arms that don’t fit into these baby tees people sell, and my curvy shape doesn’t fit into shirts unless they’re oversized, even through I have a smaller waist. I love fun t-shirts, but they just don’t fit right!

Back when I was in high school, I started researching patterns online on how to reconstruct shirts to fit better and give it a flare. I found the original pattern for this on ohmystars, which is being pulled down. I’ve modified it slightly, but it takes less than five minutes to make this with a machine, and only slightly longer by hand.

We converted a few shirts while on the bus to a student rally and it worked out great!
Here is a step-by-step of my little twist on the super fast and easy project:

Ribbon Halter Tutorial [PDF] or click below for full-size JPG!

Ribbon Halter Tutorial

Ribbon Halter Tutorial