Who the Hell am I?!


Who the hell am I?!

My name is Abby Cobb. I am the Crafty Cobblin!

The boring stuff: I’m a rehab/hospice aide, nursing student, housewife, president of my Amnesty International chapter at our school and very involved in other charities and clubs as well. I have two feline masters, Zooey and Zelda. They rule my house and I swear at them a lot. I also have a husband. He’d be my hero if he would quit playing jokes on me all the time! ❤

I like to craft in my spare time and LOVE hunting in thrift stores for the ugliest granmama dresses out there so I can put a fun spin on it and wear it out on the town. Inspiration for crafts can range from the nerdy Angry Birds pillows [blog upcoming] and my Douglas Adams couch slipcover[blog upcoming] to old clothes torn apart and re-imagined into party dresses, tops, skirts, and even jewelry.

20110404-014432.jpgI also like to cook, but I usually end up eating all my product. No bueno! Going to New Orleans to rebuild the devastated lower 9th ward in May and I prefer not to my give myself a heart attack before then! But every once in a while, I’ll cook something super nommy!

Look forward to my super fun Ambience-enhanced posts. They might not make much sense, but they’re entertaining all the same! Oh yeah, and I loooooove feedback!

oxox abs